Author = Allah-bedashti, Ali
‏ ‏Allegoricism in the Thought of Nasr Hamed Abu Zayd and Mohammad Hadi Marefat

Volume 9, Issue 18, March 2023, Pages 87-116


Rasool zerafat; Ali Allah bedashti; Mostafa Soltani

An Analysis of Implications and Consequences of Salafism for Semantics of Transmitted Attributes

Volume 6, Issue 12, March 2020, Pages 56-74

Kumayl Shams al-Dini Mutlaq; Ali Allahbidashti; Mustafa Sultani

A Comparison of the Viewpoints of Ibn Taymiyyah and Bahrani on the Position of Reason in Religion

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 73-93

Majid Heidari Azar; Ali Allah bedashti