Keywords = Salafism
Salafi Jihadism and Excommunication of Shiites based on the Justice of the Companions: A Critical Review

Volume 9, Issue 17, September 2022, Pages 127-159


nafise ahmadvand; mehdy farmanian; seyed mehdy moosavi

A Study of Purgatory Life and Hearing of the Dead from the Perspective of the Maturidis and Salafis

Volume 8, Issue 16, March 2021, Pages 99-124


Abd al-Momen Amini; Seyyed Lotfollah Jalali; Mahdi Farmaniyan; Seyyed Abu al-Hasan Nawwab

Political and Social Consequences of the Presence of Salafis in Afghanistan

Volume 6, Issue 11, October 2019, Pages 79-100

Abul-Hasan Nawab

Divergence and Convergence of Wahhabism and DeobendI in Beliefs

Volume 5, Issue 9, October 2018, Pages 133-158

seyed jafar sadeghi fadaki; ali zangoi zuzani; ahmad hatami kan kabod

An Analytical Survey on Epistemological Principles of Ikhvani Salafism

Volume 4, Issue 8, January 2018, Pages 107-127

Habib Hatami Kankabood

Salafi Sufism: An Unfinished Heterogeneous Project of Saeed Havva

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 33-47

Seyed Ali Sadat Fakhr; Qasem Javadi

Conditions of Takfir (Excommunication) from the Viewpoint of Rashid Rida

Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 95-110

Fahimeh Feizi; Seyed Mehdi Alizade Musavi