Keywords = Mysticism
Relationship between Vicegerent of God (Perfect Human) and Angels from the Perspective of the Quran and Mysticism

Volume 9, Issue 18, March 2023, Pages 430-454


Fereshteh Ghanbari sefat moghadam; ali fazliamoli; RAHMAN BOLHASANI

Religious Tolerance and Ignorance in Attar's Masnawi

Volume 8, Issue 15, September 2021, Pages 123-152


hosin jabbarpoor; Ali Heydary; Ghasem Sahrayi

An Evaluative Study of "Miracles" in Islamic Mysticism and Culture

Volume 8, Issue 16, March 2021, Pages 7-31


Mojtaba Zarwani; Ghorban Elmi; Mohammad Ansari Asl

Necessity and Place of the Infallible Imam in Mystic Journey, based on the Holy Quran and Sunnah

Volume 4, Issue 7, September 2017, Pages 143-163

Amir Divani; Mohsen Karbalaei Nazar