Main Subjects = Sufi and mystical dynasties
The Practical Potentials of Rapprochement between Shia and Sunni Sufis of Pakistan, Especially Brillouin

Volume 9, Issue 18, March 2023, Pages 233-263


mohammad behzad; alireza ebrahim; mahdi farmanian; taghi sadeghi

Knowledge-enhancing Sources in Mystical Education

Volume 9, Issue 17, September 2022, Pages 363-384


Reza Elahimanesh; Seyyedeh Zohreh Seyyed Fatemi

An Evaluative Study of "Miracles" in Islamic Mysticism and Culture

Volume 8, Issue 16, March 2021, Pages 7-31


Mojtaba Zarwani; Ghorban Elmi; Mohammad Ansari Asl

Analysis of Abu al-Hasan Shazeli's Critical Thoughts and Shazeli Order

Volume 8, Issue 16, March 2021, Pages 33-51


Morteza Khosroshahi; Mohammad Jawad Shams; Reza Elahimanesh

Analytical Study of Sohrewardi Dynasty

Volume 8, Issue 16, March 2021, Pages 53-78


Alireza Kadkhodaei; Rahman Bolhasani