Investigating the Position of Reason in the Ideas of the Authors of Al-Minar Interpretation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor, Quranic science and Hadith, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran

2 PhD holder, Quranic science and Hadith, Tarbiyat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran


Al-Minar is considered to be of the most outstanding interpretations of the Sunnis during contemporary century having rational- social orientation. The roots of the authors' rational viewcan be traced back to their reformist ideas. Abdoh and Rashid Reza's emphasis on returning to Quran and rereading the Islamic tradition in conformity with the current needs of the society have culminated in their increasing interest in rationalism- the issue in which extremism has resulted in unreasonable and personal interpretations. Investigating and analyzing the content of Al-Minar interpretation, this study, illustrating  the experimental nature of rationalism of Aboh and Rashid Reza, tends to discover the fpoundations of rationalism in Al-Minar interpretation and inspect its flaws. According to the obtained results, the authors of this interpretation have tendency towards experimental intellect and severely disagree philosophical intellect. Of the most noteworthy principles of rational orientation in Al-Minar, coordination between Quran and the experimental findings as well as denial of traditionalism following imitation avoidance in Al-Minar could be named. In addition, of the most outstanding forms of intellectualism in Al-Minar, one can refer to material and sense-oriented interpretations plus Salafi approach. These flaws which have penetrated Al-Minar following Abdoh's life have given a dual approach to this interpretation. 


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