The Position of the Book "Al-Oddah fi Osul al-Feghh" by Sheikh Tusi in the Fundamental Perspective of Sunni Scholars

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student in Shafei Jurisprudence, Faculty of Theology, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Theology, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran,


The fifth century in the history of compiling the principles of Sunni jurisprudence is the era of the formation of comprehensive works based on different schools of thought. One of the important features of this group of compilations is the citation of the fundamental opinions of the scholars of the previous centuries such as Abu Ali Jobbayi, his son Abu Hashem, Abu Abdollah Basri, and Ghazi Abd al-Jabbar, whose books have not reached us, and therefore, there is no other way to know their opinions except to study the fundamental books written in later centuries, especially the fifth century. This century is also considered a turning point in Twelver Shiism. It was the time when the principles of jurisprudence were compiled in an inclusive and comprehensive form, in which there are many citations of Sunni fundamentalists, which can, along with other Sunni sources, be considered as a source for knowing the sayings of Sunni elders, especially those whose writings became impossible to access in later centuries. In this article, by choosing the book "Al-Oddah fi Osul al-Feghh" by Sheikh Tusi, written in the fifth century, and by examining some of the topics of the book, which contain the opinions of Sunni fundamentalists, we have tried to determine the position of the book and the opinions expressed in it from the aforementioned perspective.


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