Keywords = Imamate
The Military and Doctrinal Role of Rāwandiyya in Enabling the Abbasids to Attain Power

Volume 10, Issue 19, August 2023, Pages 483-502


Morteza Ali Bahmani; Mahdi Goljan; mahbubeh sharafi

Examining the First Principle of Peace or Jihad in the Thought of Twelvers and Sunnis

Volume 8, Issue 15, September 2021, Pages 29-56


mahdi norouzi; seyyed hamid jazayeri; Hoseyn Rajabi

Imamate in the Verse of Mubāhala in the View of Imāmīyya and Ash’arīs

Volume 5, Issue 10, April 2019, Pages 141-157

lailasadat davodi; mohamad moeini

Uri Rubin's Exposition of the Shia's Theory of Appointment Imamate: A Critical Examination

Volume 1, Issue 2, March 2015, Pages 71-90

Seyyed Rasool hashemi; seyyed mahmood Musavi