Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 12, March 2020, Pages 1-394 
An Analysis of Implications and Consequences of Salafism for Semantics of Transmitted Attributes

Pages 56-74

Kumayl Shams al-Dini Mutlaq; Ali Allahbidashti; Mustafa Sultani

A Comparative Consideration and Critique of Accounts of Ashura in Zaydi Sources

Pages 144-166

Ibrahim Gudarzi; Mustafa Sadiqi Kashani; Sayyid ‘Ali Musavinizhad

An Analysis of Ghuluww on the Spread of Permissivism

Pages 216-237

Murtaza Nasrullahi; Sayyid Ahmad Musavi

A Consideration of the Views of Shiite and Sunni Theologians concerning the Prophet’s Bewitchment

Pages 240-270

Sayyid Hamzih Abdullahzadih; Sayyid Husayn Sayyid Musavi; Sayyid Muhammad Murtazavi

An Account of the Governmental Place of Taxes in Imami Political Jurisprudence

Pages 336-362

Husayn ‘Ali Amini; Mas‘ud Ra‘i; Ahmad Riza Tavakkuli